354 N. Broadway, Salem, NH 03079

Vehicles We Service

General Pricing

Most Vehicles:

$150 to $275


$99 and up


approx. $10 to $20 per foot


approx. $10 to $20 per foot

About Our Pricing

We have three sets of pricing depending on your type of vehicle: Cars, Trucks/SUVs, and Large Trucks/SUVs. We also detail motorcycles, recreational vehicles, and boats.

PLEASE NOTE: Price estimates are subject to vehicle inspection. Extra dirty vehicles, excessive tar, abnormal carpet and/or fabric stains, animal hair removal, deep scuffs and scratch repair, etc., may require additional measures which may also increase the price.

Interior Detailing Service: $150

Included in this service is a thorough vacuum, hot water carpet/upholstery extraction, floor mat cleaning, dashboard, extensive vinyl cleaning/conditioning, windows, mirrors, and a wipe down of the door jambs.

Exterior Detailing Service: $125-$150

Did you know that exposing your vehicle to the elements and every day pollutants can deteriorate your vehicle? That’s where we come in. Our exterior detailing service includes a hand wash and towel dry of the vehicle, wheel cleaning, bug & film removal, tree sap and tar (if needed), removal of surface contaminants, protective sealant, windows/mirrors, rims, and all chrome is polished by hand. An exterior detailing is very important to preserving the long term condition of your vehicle.

A la Carte services

Paint Sealant Application - Call for pricing

Ceramic coating and other protective paint sealants now available.

Wash & Dry plus wheels - $25.00

Hand wash and towel dry. Bug & Tar removal. A full cleaning of all wheels and rims. This service is quick and thorough.

Wash & Wax - $100-$150

All in one machine buff & wax. Wheels and rims are cleaned and polished. This is a more extensive exterior detailing service intended to maintain and protect the condition of your vehicle. You’re going to love the results.

Smoker's Package - $150-$200

A thorough cleaning from top to bottom. All carpets and seats get a shampoo, scotch guard, and leather protection (if applicable). Steam is used to sanitize, and deodorize vent tunnels. The vehicle is treated overnight with a air purification system.

Engine Clean - $35.00

Spray down engine compartment, degrease, hand wash edges, and pressure wash.

Seat Shampoo - $25.00 per seat

Seats are vacuumed, cleaned, shampooed, and treated with scotch guard.

Leather Treatment - $45.00

An application of a leather cleaning and conditioner product to protect and preserve.

Headlight Restoration - $50.00

Headlights are wet sanded to remove discoloration. Then, the head lights are compounded, treated, and restored for a clear new look.

Odor Removal - $50.00

This service is intended to remove any offensive odors, mold, or mildew. The vehicle is left overnight for advanced air purification of the interior.

Carpet Shampoo - $45.00

Carpets are sprayed with a degreasing solution, hand scrubbed, and machine extracted. Front/Rear floor mats are pre-treated and cleaned.